best-in-class SDKs.

Developers expect your API to come with a typesafe client library in their language. 

With Stainless, you can deliver idiomatic SDKs while you stay focused on building the API.

Trusted by API companies

SDK Generation

Robust & polished SDKs

Great SDKs for your API drive faster integration, broader feature adoption, quicker upgrades, and trust in your engineering quality.

At Stainless, we work hard to make each SDK feel as though it were hand-written by an expert in the language who had the time to get it right.

All our libraries include: rich types (for autocomplete and docs on hover), auto-pagination, auto-retry with backoff, seamless auth, and much more.

Examples of SDKs we've produced:
How Stainless works

Provide your OpenAPI spec

All Stainless needs to get started is your OpenAPI spec. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

We’ll create a starter Stainless config file that standardizes naming and defines core functionality like pagination and authentication.

1openapi: 3.0.0
3 /chat/completions:
4 post:
5 operationId: createChatCompletion
6 tags:
7 - OpenAI
8 summary: Creates a model response for the given chat conversation.
9 requestBody:
10 ...

Generate your SDKs

Receive shippable SDKs in the languages your developers demand.


Iterate & customize

You can customize the Stainless configuration for more bespoke SDKs that best represent you and your developers by fine-tuning names, docs, and more.


Automate your updates

Push your updated OpenAPI spec to us whenever it changes with a GitHub Action (or equivalent). We regenerate your SDK and open a pull request.

1on: {push: {branches: [main]}}
3 stainless:
4 steps:
5 - uses: actions/checkout@v3
6 - uses: stainless-api/upload-openapi-spec-action@main

Publish your packages

You approve our PR and we automatically release the new SDK to your GitHub repos and npm, pypi, or maven packages. You own the code, we automate the toil, and your security team is happy. 

Proud to have Stainless as a partner at OpenAI. All our SDKs are generated by them. The team is extremely thoughtful about SDK design and push us to improve our API + other products while they're at it. Stainless is bringing a new standard of SDKs to our industry and this is a great thing for all developers.”

Nikunj Handa
API Product at OpenAI
pre-existing issues closed or triaged in new SDK

Stainless: the API Company

You can think of us like Stripe's API platform for any REST API, but our ambitions are a little bigger, and our starting point is a little narrower.

If I told an engineer they have to build all these libraries, they’d tell me it would take at least a year. With Stainless, it’s like magic.”

Kamil Sindi
Head of Engineering at Lithic
saved annually in engineer salaries