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You save engineering years of time with Stainless.”

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Modern Treasury fills client library gap with Stainless

Stainless saves you so much time not having to worry about ten different problems—hiring people, maintaining over time, on the lookout for security bugs. They do it all for you.”

Sam Aarons
Co-Founder & CTO at Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury is a fintech startup that offers a suite of treasury products for anyone who moves money at scale. This includes payment operations tools, reconciliation, ledgers, and platforms for fintechs.

But as Modern Treasury began having conversations with more large and mid-market enterprises, the demand became clear. Competitors were offering client libraries and their sales team started to hear things like, “Hey, I need a client library SDK or I’m not signing.”

When one of their engineers chimed in that he had worked with Alex at Stainless and was praising his work, they decided to give Stainless a shot.


“To see traction so quickly after launch, we knew the SDK is a real need, and it’s working.”

Modern Treasury first rolled out a Stainless SDK in Python because they had a customer lined up who needed it. As soon as they launched the SDK, within a week of being in the wild, customers started using it. Since they're enterprise software and don’t have millions of customers—to see traction so quickly was a welcome surprise that solidified the customer need and gave them confidence to move forward with Stainless.

Not only is the initial uptake quick, but Modern Treasury appreciates how fast they can push changes to their releases so quickly. Stainless automates the code generation and updates just by taking the OpenAPI schema, making it feel “effortless.”

Automated updates
Ongoing maintenance

“It feels like we have another whole small engineering team working on SDKs.”

Building and maintaining an SDK in one language is already a lift for a single, skilled engineer. Finding the right engineers who are experts in the different languages needed for an API-first company like Modern Treasury is an even greater challenge.

Modern Treasury admits that if they had to build and maintain their own SDKs, there’s no way they could have multiple languages. “We'd be really deliberate, we'd be constantly debating, we'd be weighing against the ongoing maintenance, and those are all decisions that we don't have to make. I really do think we’ve saved a whole team of people.” They’ve made it clear they want as many languages as Stainless can offer. Without internal resource constraints on them, that scalability is possible with Stainless.

5 SDK languages available
Rich types
Solid documentation

“We deal with sensitive industries, so we’re conscious about security and control.”

When Modern Treasury first became interested in offering their customers SDKs, they did their homework. They found a lot of companies doing more than just SDK generation. However, because they work with sensitive financial information, they wanted to maintain ultimate control over their code changes and merges.

Stainless allows them this flexibility. Modern Treasury is essentially overseeing a very automated process. When they change their OpenAPI schema, it’s picked up automatically by Stainless’ system. Then, they generate a pull request on the GitHub repo for whatever language it is. A Modern Treasury engineer then looks it over before merging it back in—ultimately being responsible for the code changes and keeping their customer data secure.

Flexible service options
Manage release controls

Stainless has continuously punched above their weight when it comes to their professionalism and consistency. That's why we trust them to directly communicate with our customers.”

Sam Aarons
Co-Founder & CTO at Modern Treasury