Raising the bar


Stainless is building the platform
for high-quality, easy-to-use APIs.

Our mission

APIs are at the heart of all internet software, but right now they’re messy, chaotic, and hard to get right.

We're on a mission to build great open-source standards and tools that bring the benefits of GraphQL (types, field selection/expansion, standards) and gRPC (types, speed, versioning) to the simplicity and ubiquity of REST.

Bringing Stripe-quality SDKs to companies of all sizes

Stainless Founder Alex Rattray worked at Stripe where he designed and co-built the API developer experience that would go on to become the quality standard of the developer community. He created Stripe’s patent-pending client library codegen system and shipped TypeScript for the Stripe API.

After Stripe, Alex kept getting asked how to replicate the Stripe developer experience. Everyone understood they needed great SDKs, but only huge companies could afford the engineer-years it’d take to build a decent codegen system to make them. Frustrated with the available options, he started Stainless to bring the quality of Stripe's codegen to companies of any size.

OUr team

Engineering the future of APIs

Based in New York, the Stainless team is building a suite of developer platform products that offer a Stripe quality API experience to everyone.

Alex Rattray
Milo Spirig
Business Lead
Mark McGranaghan
Head of Engineering
Matt Casey
Software Engineer
Young-jin Park
Software Engineer
Robert Craigie
Software Engineer
Eric Morphis
Software Engineer
David Ackerman
Software Engineer
Ryan Paul
Software Engineer
Hao Wang
Software Engineer
Investors and advisors

Backed by industry experts

Daniel Schafer
co-creator, GraphQL
Guillermo Rauch
CEO, Vercel; creator, Next.JS
Søren Bramer Schmidt
CEO, Prisma
Calvin French-Owen
co-founder, Segment
Cristina Cordova
COO, Linear
... and dozens of (ex-)Stripe engineers, executives, and other industry experts.